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Suwannee Valley Transit Authority is committed to providing safe & reliable paratransit transportation to the public in Columbia, Hamilton and Suwannee Counties. If you need a ride, call us.  We can help. We can take you to your doctor appointment, work or just a trip to the local grocery store.  Suwannee Valley Transit Authority services are available Monday-Friday..

Paratransit is a specialized door-to-door service that is normally provided in a demand-responsive mode (i.e., the person must make a telephone call to arrange service). The goal of the paratransit program is to ensure that all Americans have access to transit to meet basic mobility needs.

To schedule transportation with us, you can call (386) 362-5332 or (386) 362-7433 and follow the prompts. For calls outside of Suwannee County and from a landline, you can call our toll free number at 1-800-258-7267. You must call three business days in advance (excluding weekends and holidays).

If you are Medicaid eligible, call your HMO provider directly to schedule transportation. 


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